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Readers just like you have heard about the success our technology has brought to similar companies, then received a free demo from one of our skilled programmatic sales executives. After seeing firsthand how we can reach their goals and exceed their expectations as an ad tech partner, they became a part of our valued client pool.

Various clients have achieved:

  • Double their CTR goal in 2 months
  • Site traffic increase 37% from Q1 to Q2
  • 3,000 conversions above their goal

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A business solutions company wanted their ads to reach hotel GMs, with a goal of achieving 5,000 conversions in 3 months. AdDaptive incorporated validated offline data into a comprehensive strategy in which NAICS codes and title overlay refined the company’s audience segment. AdDaptive’s technology delivered the client’s ads to the intended recipients successfully. In 3 months, AdDaptive delivered 3.2 million impressions, achieving a 0.11% CTR and driving 8,457 conversions. Exceeding the conversion goal by over 3k among a niche audience inspired a long-term strategic relationship. That’s the AdDaptive advantage.

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